New year, new projects.

Christmas is well and truly behind us for another year and I’m relishing the familiarity of a routine once more. How many times over the break did you hear people ask, “What day is it?” Even a few days off throws us out of kilter somehow.

I’m really enjoying my MA course at Liverpool Hope Uni. I’ve found it difficult to get my head around the academic writing again but I wanted a challenge and it would be no fun if it was easy! Also, I no longer feel guilty for sitting at my sewing machine a little longer than I intended. I feel I have permission to play!

I have a list of new projects I’m itching to start on. Every year my resolution is the same – finish a job before you start another. Every year the resolution is broken. I really do need to finish a few things though as the WIPs are taking over!

Currently I’m playing with the book cover I started a while ago. I’m adding gold French knots and I need to buy some tiny gold beads. I’ll be padding some areas and I’m grateful to S and L for giving me ideas for how to tackle this in another way on a future project. 

For this cover I’m slitting the back and stuffing, then sewing up. This is because I didn’t know I was going to pad it. That’s where playing gets you!

I love the ideas that come when creative people get together. Chatting with S (a wonderful textile artist) and L (an extremely talented fashion student) gave rise to all sorts of avenues I want to explore.

Not one to have too many days off without making something, I made this sleeve for my Kindle Fire.

I used new synthetic felt for the lining (nice and soft), 

and the outside is cut from a pair of shorts my DD had put in the charity bag. 

Sorry, charity shop, my need was greater this time! I love this tapestry style fabric, it’s very me! 

As ever, this prototype is for just for me (mwah, ha, ha!) but I’ll make another more refined one to sell, as I still have the other leg of the shorts. ;)

What’s on your machine currently? Anyone out there upcycling a discarded garment or two? I’d love to read your comments!