The gift bag that keeps on giving!

So, with an eye on the well-being of the planet, I started making reusable gift bags. So much nicer than gift wrap, which can’t even be recycled in most cases.

When you give one of my gift bags to someone, one of four things could happen:

    1. You could ask for it back to refill next time you give a gift to that person.

    2. You could ask for it back and reuse it yourself. (Bit cheeky, this option!)

    3. They could reuse it for a gift they give away.

    4. They could reuse it for themselves.

And if you or your mother / husband / friend / colleague / godson / child’s teacher (you get the idea)… decide to reuse it, it could hold:

   •  toiletries

   ▪  cosmetics

   ▪  jewellery

   ▪  cables & travel adapters

   ▪  clean undies, dirty undies, shoes - think suitcase

   ▪  hair stuff 

   ▪  medication

   ▪  emergency first aid kit for the car

   ▪  dinosaurs, doll’s accessories, cars (and all the other small world things - you name them!)

   ▪  Lego, jigsaw pieces, board game pieces

   ▪  bread - yes, really!

   ▪  pencils, crayons, chalks

   ▪  craft projects - one for each wip

   ▪  books

   ▪  sweeties

   ▪  dog treats

   ▪  dog grooming kit

   ▪  belts, scarves - keep your wardrobe tidy!

   ▪  biscuit (cookie) cutters

It could be a

   ▪  child’s travel toy bag - save your sanity on long car journeys or flights

   ▪  child’s PE bag

   ▪  trainer or pump (plimsoles) bag

   ▪  changing bag

   ▪  swimming bag

   ▪  emergency kit - mini screwdriver, tape measure, plasters, tissues, wet wipe, £1 coin (or 1 euro or dollar bill…)


This is a list I came up with without really trying. And obviously size does matter. You won’t get a baguette into a ‘small’ bag, not without a lot of crumbs! Now it’s your turn. If you can think of another use, let me know! The writer of the best answer (in my humble opinion) will win a set of three Christmas Gift Bags. The competition closes at midnight on December 4th 2016, which gives me time to get the prizes in the post to arrive before Christmas! Because of posting dates, this competition is only open to UK residents - sorry. And of course, I’ll post all the new ideas on this site. Yay! Looking forward to reading some inventive ideas!